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save in the city; the beginning

Hello! I’m Heloise, a twenty-something Londoner who is completely new to this blogging thing but wanted to give it a go!

Welcome to save in the city, a blog that I was inspired to start by my friends so that they could see exactly how I’ve been taking control of my finances without impacting upon my lifestyle.

I have always had a keen eye for a bargain. From an early age I would be incredibly pleased with myself if I managed to get something my friends already had for less money than they did. I’ve never been much of a saver though – I enjoy socialising, spoiling the people I care about and making my surroundings as comfortable as possible. Coupled with the fact that I (unfortunately) have expensive taste this meant that, although I was ‘saving’ money, I was spending those savings.

However, in August 2016 a lot of life changes all at once made me reassess my finances and the way I approached life. I decided to become more conscious of what I was spending my money on as I realised that the life I had been planning for financially no longer existed.

My mentality, up until then, had been to ‘keep things simple’. To me, this meant having a savings account and a current account with the same bank – and that was it. In my mind I had a great system in place. It was easy to control and I was able to see exactly how much money I had at the click of one button. In the name of full disclosure I also had some premium bonds that I (*my parents) took out when I was about 10.

When my life circumstances changed I realised (through a series of empowering blogs, videos and books – which I will talk about in this blog) that this wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted to not only maintain the lifestyle I had been accustomed to but also to safeguard my financial future.

I totally overhauled my attitude and haven’t looked back since. I found the whole process empowering and, at a time when I felt like my life and my future had been taken out of my hands, I found I was in total control of one thing at least.

What I have learnt in the past few months has made me passionate about helping others to do exactly the same thing – no matter what their stage of life. That said; I hope that it will prove particularly useful for anyone that is trying to save some money (whether it be for a house deposit, a holiday or a new handbag) without compromising on doing, or having, the things that they want, and also for anyone that is just trying to get a bit more savvy with their money.

Some of you may have realised that the logo I’ve used is somewhat familiar:

Untitled(thank you to my very talented sister who put the logo together for me)

Whatever your opinion on the content of the programme (female empowerment, feminist nightmare or otherwise), what Carrie and co. did is enjoy themselves and live the lives they wanted (or at least to the extent that was within their control). This blog is about having the ability to control the elements of your life that you can, and doing the things you want to do without having to worry (as much) about your bank balance.

Some of my suggestions may be blindingly obvious, but hopefully you may learn something new. If you have any comments or suggestions for me please do let me know!

H x