to buy or not to buy (and hire instead)

Last year I was invited to a ball which required me to wear a full length (formal) dress.

I do not own any full length dresses.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I am not the tallest girl in the world. Anything described as ‘full length’ will therefore eventually be covered in four inches of mud even if I stick high heels on (and, amazingly, even if I’m nowhere near mud).
  2. Due to the aforesaid height issue, and my ridiculous clumsiness, I will trip over anything which falls below my shins. I feel as though Jennifer Lawrence and I are kindred spirits in this sense.
  3. I have expensive taste and, if I were to buy a long dress, would want one that: fits like it had been made for me; goes perfectly with my favourite shoes (you’ll hear about those at some point); and would be so pretty that everyone who had seen it would comment on it for the next decade. Such a dress probably doesn’t exist in any event; and if it did, I wouldn’t be prepared to get the money needed to purchase it by selling an organ just to wear it for one night.

In short; my feeling was that there was absolutely no point in spending money on something which I would only ever wear once, would probably ruin and would leave me without the liver needed to clear my body of the alcohol I would drink whilst wearing it.

Instead, I hired a dress.

It was beautiful.

This Alice by Temperley dress retails for £420. I hired it – complete with delivery, pick up, dry cleaning and insurance – for not much more than a tenth of that cost from Chic by Choice (thanks to a first purchase offer).

I received so many compliments, felt great all evening (even whilst walking in the pouring rain with a semi-broken umbrella due to gale-force winds) and didn’t even have to worry about cleaning it afterwards! A winning combination.

If you’ve never contemplated hiring a dress before I would absolutely recommend it; particularly if you’re going to an event that requires you to wear something you probably won’t wear again, if you’re the sort of person that prefers not to be seen in the same outfit twice or if you just fancy wearing something pretty damn special. 

Saving money isn’t always about not spending money. Although never paying for anything would obviously enable your bank balance to grow very quickly it’s completely unrealistic not buy anything at all. Whilst I wouldn’t advocate hiring dresses on a regular basis we all get invited to special events that we want to look and feel great for. What I am suggesting is that, rather than potentially waste a large sum on a gorgeous dress that you may only wear once or twice, hiring an absolutely fabulous dress (possibly much more so than the one you could have bought instead) is a great alternative.

There are a huge range of designer dresses available in different sizes which are suitable for a variety of body types and occasions. You simply select the dates you want the dress for, find the dress and some websites even allow you to select an additional size (for free) to give you piece of mind that at least one will fit!

There are several online companies offering dresses for hire, including: Chic by Choice; Girl Meets Dress; Dream Wardrobe; My Celebrity Dress; Hire the Catwalk and The Frock Project. Each have slightly different services that they offer which are worth having a look at (special offers come up all the time too) but I just wanted to give you the chance to swoon over some of the stunning dresses you could get the chance to wear. The only problem is being able to choose between them!



H x